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AI-Powered Marketer: How to Protect your Marketing Career against AI with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already changing the way we work and live. It's important to accept and embrace it and look for ways to work alongside it to enhance our own capabilities.

Embrace AI as a tool:

Instead of fearing AI, focus on developing skills that complement it. Automating repetitive tasks, analysing data, and personalising marketing messages are all possible with artificial intelligence. Make AI your friend, not your enemy. Use it to make your job easier and more efficient. AI can free up time for us to focus on more value-added tasks.

See AI as an opportunity:

It is not a concern for successful marketers. They see this as a possibility. Possibility for more enhanced and efficient marketing and for technology that makes them 10 times more productive. If you choose to view AI as an opportunity, you will have the right mindset for what’s coming next. What’s coming next? Our way of doing things is changing! The challenge is one we have faced before and will face again.

Start Using AI

You can’t avoid AI tools. Your ability to understand and use AI will impact your ability to handle marketing campaigns. Not using it yet? It is ok. Easily set up a ChatGPT account NOW. Next time you want to search something in Google, type it in there and see what you get. This is a primary step towards getting familiar with AI.

Enhance Your Skillset with Style & Creativity

The best way to beat AI is to use intuition, experience, and creative thinking to develop unique ideas, perspectives, and content. Every piece of content you generate needs to have a unique and identifiable style that matches your brand. it's important to note that AI is a tool, and it still requires human input and oversight to be effective. Stop overthinking! Just think about what makes you different from other people.

Eventually You Will Be Ok

While you don't need to be afraid of the upcoming changes, you should be open and aware of them. Start AI right now, and really start to think about what makes you special as a person. Leave a comment below and tell us how you feel about AI and how you are dealing with it in your marketing career. Sign up to our newsletter for the latest updates on AI and marketing.

Images by TalentSprint, rawpixel, kjpargeter and vectorjuice on Freepik

(Disclaimer: This content is solely for teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University).

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