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What's hot in Digital Marketing in 2021? 🔥🔥🔥

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

By: Michelle Delina and Justin Macatangay

Posted on: 31/08/21

With millions of people connected online, marketers find creative ways to leverage trends to understand consumer behaviour through their digital footprints.

However, successfully connecting with your audience needs timing (Alexander, 2020). Marketers should be on the lookout, meaning they should be connecting with their audience at the right place and time.

The following tricks will help you to stay relevant to your customers:

  • Promote Digital Inclusivity - the younger audience prefers a more optimistic portrayal of inclusivity in the digital content they consume, which is a fresh take of the typical and homogenous content of the past years.

  • In SEO, we trust- this topic may cover three areas about search engine optimisation.

  1. Achieving Position Zero - for several years, the goal of SEO has been about reaching “position number one”. However, the new trend is about achieving position zero.

  2. Image and Video SEO - Visual search techniques have changed the comprehensive aspect of SEO. Understanding this trend will provide insight on how to deal with the new users of the internet.

  3. Local SEO - Local SEO has become more powerful compared to broad SEO, which is caused by the constant update of the SEO algorithm. Content or keywords are now searched specifically with geographical tags.

  • Be creative when interacting online - Providing interactive content (e.g. polls, give-aways, contests etc.) for the audience is the only way to engage them. Companies may employ these strategies to boost their social media presence.

  • Data Analytics made simple - Today, organisations leverage on data in designing optimising their business strategies (e.g. analysing customer trends, etc.). However, Data Analytics, as an area of expertise, still intimidate small and medium enterprises, in a general level.

  • Embody Digital Sustainability - As people become more socially aware, you must ensure that your digital efforts contribute to the global sustainability goals of the United Nations.

These tips will help you capture your audience. 🤩🤩🤩

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