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How can online brand advocacy (OBA) impact your brand's success?

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Online brand advocacy (OBA) is a new buzz word, and for good reason, according to a

recent study led by Dr Violetta Wilk.

The more customers speak about your product online the more loyal they become. If a customer is prepared to advocate a product by promoting online they are then more invested, and therefore, are less likely to shop around, as they have developed a more galvanized, reciprocal relationship with your brand.

The marketing concept states that organizations that best satisfy a customer’s needs are best positioned to satisfy their own needs. If an organization can implement the desired processes to achieve this circle of satisfaction, they now need to recognise that there are online outlets for product advocates to benefit from their positive experiences and help them to generate positive word of mouth.

People are more inclined to trust someone’s own personal experience with a product than that simply of an advertisement. OBA is more authentic, trustworthy and influential as it is given by a brand-experienced customer. OBA needs to form part and align with an organization's digital marketing strategy.

For more information about OBA and for practical recommendations for brands, you may like to read this paper:



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