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Is my Digital Media working for me?

So you’ve had the great idea, you’ve started your business, you’ve got a great digital media presence and are selling your product; but how do you know which media is working best for your business? How can you improve?

It’s time to review your Digital Analytics.

What is digital analytics? And why is it important to your business?

Digital Analytics in the most simplistic terms, is the process of reviewing your digital marketing statistics. It’s essential to see how your customers are behaving, their journey, which content and platforms are getting the most engagement; by looking at this information you can adjust your marketing strategies and tactics to not only improve your customer’s experience, but to meet your business goals.

How do I get the data?

There are a number of ways to get the data, ranging from the good old fashioned, yet time-consuming, review each platform individually to paid services that do all the hard work for you. The service you choose will depend on your business and the number of platforms you use; some great starting points are free services such as Google Analytics, which work on your website or app, or paid services such as Sprout Social and Hootsuite. Both these services double as a service to not only provide analytics but manage your digital media services on the one platform which will save you time and money. Before signing up to any service, make sure the subscription fee fits into your marketing budget and that their platform ‘speaks’ to the digital media services you use as some social media services in particular block access to their information.

I have got the data, now what?

Interpreting the data is key; this is how you can learn and improve. Look at the content that gets the most interaction – who is liking the post? Who is commenting and who is sharing? Look at the sentiment – is it positive, negative or neutral? Is you reach expanding? How many followers do you have? How often do you post? And importantly, what is the response time from your organisation?

Draw from this content with the most interaction and see how you can plan more posts with that similar theme. Is it something emotive that is drawing them in? Is it exciting? Is it educating?

Are there any comments with feedback? Is it positive or negative? Is your audience requesting something? See how you can work this into upcoming posts.

Who is sharing your posts? How can you use this influencer or others like them to promote your business? What sort of posts is this person sharing?

By considering these points you can determine how to adjust your marketing plan to include more engaging content. Marketing is not a perfect process, it will take some time and trial and error to see just which tactics work best for you and your business.

What else should you consider when looking at your analytics?

Another powerful tool in reviewing your business is a Digital SWOT Analysis. A SWOT looks at your businesses’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats). By looking at your business as a whole and comparing your digital media efforts with your competitors you can establish what your strengths are and ways to exploit them. You can manage and eliminate threats and seize opportunities to grow. Don’t be scared to look at those bigger, global brands for inspiration and see if any of their tactics can translate to your business.

Remember who your target audience is and choose content that will excite them, educate them, offer them an experience and be engaging!

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