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How can storytelling impact your customers - a guide for non-for-profit marketers!

Marketing is always challenging, especially for non-for-profit organisations, which are often with limited budgets and small teams. Storytelling is one of the most popular but perennially dteless tactics for non-profit content marketing. In fact, most of famous non-for-profit campaigns in the world have a good story to tell. Let’s find out why storytelling is so important to your non-for-profit organization.

Stories are memorable

A story is always easier to remember than a fact. Let's try a quick comparison. You remember the fairy tales you were told years ago, or the little piece of news you read yesterday better?

Attract attention

People tend to pay attention on stories than an opinion or a fact, especially a story with pictures or videos. A good opening of a story is a great way to get donors to your campaign.

Create sympathy

When a person hears/reads a story, not only his mind, but also his emotions, actions, and behaviours are affected. On the other side, when we listen to a fact or an opinion, we may analyse and evaluate it, but we don’t do that when we listen to a story. Stories connect tellers with listeners, creating sympathy between listeners and characters in stories.

Encourage people to act

A good story can connect a listener's emotion with his actions. Stories, translating data into feelings, encourage people act and donate, which is the goal of most non-for-profit organisations.

Stories can create viral effect

A good story can be viral. When you hear a touching story, you may want to tell it to others. That way, a story can become viral, which is the desire of any Marketing campaigns.

Storytelling can help non-for-profit organisations inspire their customers, connect community with their missions. Content creators should pay attention on this tactic to reach your marketing goals.


#ECUindustryreadyproject, #ECUMKT5325 Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University).

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