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Empathy-Based Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy to attract and retain audiences by creating and sharing articles, videos, blogs, and other media. It is effective in increasing brand awareness, sales, customer engagement, and loyalty. The analysis shows that businesses with blogs get 67% more leads than other companies. Among the many types of content marketing, marketing with empathy is an effective way to do it.

Let's look at two simple but effective examples below!

1. Apple Watch Help Stories

At the event, Apple's marketing content showcased how smartwatches can potentially save lives. In a series of videos, Apple shows how the Apple Watch Series 7 can provide emergency assistance to people stranded at sea, in a car accident or in other situations.

Apple captures the customer's empathy for the predicament and proposes the possibility of using a small smart device to get help, so that customers have a possibility-based demand for the product. Not every customer will be in trouble, but the Apple Watch Series 7 is able to help customers when they encounter the lesser possibility.

2. MassMutual “Uncomfortable Truths”

In July 2021, MassMutual shared three short videos on Facebook and other outlets confronting the "disturbing truths" behind some of the big financial decisions people made. Video content is about saving for college, preparing for the unexpected, and general financial planning.

MassMutual encourages clients to face these worrying facts. Clients may not be facing this series of unexpected situations today, but seeing others make financial decisions in the face of the unexpected, empathy makes clients worry about the future.

This worry is not a negative impact, in fact, MassMutual encourages customers to manage their finances responsibly. The customer's anxiety will help them to be alert to possible future surprises and take a series of financial measures to maintain their financial ability to face the unexpected. .

In short, using empathy for content marketing is not about abusing customer anxiety, but encouraging customers to remain resilient to surprises and risks. Use empathy for content marketing and you'll be the next example!

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Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University.

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