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Discover the advantages Not-For-Profit organisations have in the digital world

Is your social media feed full of happy people living their perfect lives? Well, this is more common than you think. And guess what? Social media behaviour can be used to boost Not-For-Profit organisations strategies in the digital world. This post is a short Digital Marketing Lesson for the Not-For-Profit sector.

The big question is: Can Digital Marketing Trends be applied to Not-For-Profit organisations?

It is known that individuals form digital groups and communities in order to share their opinion, beliefs, and also to publish moments of their lives on a daily basis. It is also known that a large percentage of people like doing good deeds. But the most interesting is: people like even more showing they are doing their good deeds to as many people as they can. Because of that, Not-For-Profit organisations have a huge advantage in the digital world where brand (or a bigger purpose) advocacy can be easily achieved. People tend to connect with strong causes such as fighting hunger, poverty, homelessness, climate change and many others more than with products and services.

So here are the basic steps to create a digital marketing plan for a Not-For-Profit organisation:

1. Start with a SWOT analysis to scan the organisation’s Strengths and Weaknesses (internal) and to identify Opportunities and Treats (external);

2. Identify your target audience and research their demographics and psychographics. Developing personas is also really helpful;

3. Establish your objectives and strategies;

4. Develop the key message to be communicated;

5. Select the appropriate digital media channels;

6. And finally, measure your results and use this data to improve future plans.

Remember, using strong causes as the center of Not-For-Profit organisations digital marketing plan lead individuals to advocate and to become brand ambassadors generating tones of positive content spontaneously, and even better, free of cost.


Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University.


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