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The 101 on digital consumers for any business

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The term digital consumers was once used to refer to those who did e-commerce. However, according to Nicholas & Rowlands (2008), this term is also used to include those who source for product information online without necessarily making a purchase.

The digital space is evolving rapidly & businesses ought to adopt these changes in their business models by planning and allocating budget expenditure to digital marketing & understanding digital consumers.

Digital consumers are keen on Customer centric focus that makes them feel special and appreciated. I once purchased dreadlock products online and experienced customer centric service. Soon after delivery, the business owner reached out to get my review. In my opinion, one of the products had not met my expectations & when I shared this, she offered me a refund. We finally settled on a $25 discount on my next purchase. As a rational digital consumer, I will engage this business again.

Opinions and reviews have a great influence on the purchase decisions of other digital consumers. A business may engage influencers to promote their goods and services as they help clients experience the products. Micro influencers connect with family and friends who trust them and may be a good way to advertise.

Customers are connected on various social media platforms and will share their brand experiences. Most use digital media as their first point of interaction to form an opinion on products before engaging a business.

A great digital asset for any business is a website and social media platforms. The information made available should be up to date, relevant to customer needs & accessible on all digital devices. This helps to control the product narrative before competitors and other consumers do. For example, a restaurant having menu prices, pictures of the food, short description and even customer testimonials on their digital platforms.

Consumers have different levels of digital adoption. Taking this into consideration allows a business to conduct international business and target different global markets virtually.

Influencing the consumer purchase journey and converting their online interactions into sales is the main goal here. Digital is now front, and centre of what customers want to buy.


Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University

By violet kariuki

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