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Chatbots, Live-Streaming and Virtual Reality transform Not-For-Profit Marketing

Have you ever wondered how to increase your digital marketing efficiency by adopting new technologies and at the same time reducing your expenditure? Does this sound too good to be true? Do not stop reading yet, you might be surprised to realise how the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and how the adoption of new technologies could enable your organisation to reach new audiences and stimulate user engagement.

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence leverage efficiency

Not-for-profits are facing the challenge, that considerable donor interaction is still transactional and not recurring. Artificial intelligence can assist organisations in analysing donor behaviour and tailor more targeted communication to increase donor loyalty. Meanwhile, chatbots can free up employee workload and help focus digital marketing efforts towards lasting relationships and new audiences.

Live video and streaming augments engagement

Videos with human content attract high levels of engagement because of its genuineness. Live videos are gaining traction since they generate more comments and increase session duration. The social network TikTok recorded 850 million new users in 2020 and is fulfilling the desire to share video stories. Not-for-profits can reinforce this trend and expand their audience as authentic video content generates engagement and enhances brand identification. Livestream fundraising via gaming platforms like Twitch represent another growing trend to access new audiences and establish additional income streams.

Virtual Reality boosts fundraising

Virtual realities employ technologies that facilitate engagement with a virtual environment. For a not-for-profit this could mean to promote a virtual experience of an underprivileged family living in a slum highlighting their daily challenges. Initial case studies indicate that immersive experiences can create more empathy and emotions for a cause and trigger donations from a younger audience.

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