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Be your own influencer – How can Social Media content marketing make your small business visible.

Content Marketing is one of the greatest ways to effectively spread brand awareness and attract new customers. It is beyond question a good method to cut through the clutter and give your business visibility.

Provide your target audience interesting information, be relevant by publishing consistent and up-to-dated figures and facts, explore the potential of visual aids (specially if your target audience are Zoomers and/or Alphas), and you will be on your way to get their trust, loyalty, and engagement.

Kylie Jenner is a perfect example. Some analysts claim that figures have been overrated, but it is undeniable that she has been successfully using Content Marketing to excite her target audience and make great profit. Her personal Instagram profile is among the most popular in the world (334M followers) and @kyliecosmetics has more than 25M on the same platform. A quick look on her business Instagram account reveals a strong visual appeal that certainly resonates with her followers/target audience. Photos bring detailed information about products, how to use them, where and how to buy, and even teach how to apply.

Jenner at Houston Ulta Beauty to promote the exclusive launch of Kylie Cosmetics with the retailer in November 2018.

Rick Kern/Getty Images for Ulta Beauty

Jessika Honorato is a Brazilian beauty consultant who runs a small consultancy on Fashion trends and personal colour analysis. She has been raising awareness about her brand (@LevSoul_), educating and exciting her target audience with valuable tips about what to wear, and the role colours play regarding clothing choices. All the content is in Portuguese as part of a marketing strategy, since her initial target audience is within Brazilian women living in Perth.

(Source: Instagram)

Kylie had been famous before starting her business, Jessika is not (yet), but this is one of the great things about social media. Small businesses running on a budget have access to all platforms and tactics that big ones also do. It is crucial however knowing and understanding your target audience very well.

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