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Content marketing for Not for profit (NFP) organisations – How to make people support your cause

It has always been a challenge for Not for profit (NFP) organisations to make people support their cause. They must come up with a well thought marketing strategy on how to do it. Moreover, due to NFP’s limited resources, it needs to take into consideration the costs it entails. As such, content marketing has been one of the proven ways to do this. The goal is to get the people’s emotions and make them engage to the organisation.

How content marketing works for NFPs?

If there’s one thing NFPs have numerous access to, it’s the stories they get from their experiences. These are genuine stories that people would care about and is the main focus for content marketing.

Content Marketing Institute define content marketing as:

“a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately,

to drive profitable customer action”

Here, the NFPs real stories serves as the relevant information that gets the people’s attention and thus, eventually as they relate to it, makes them want to be a part of it.

Content marketing checklist for NFPs

In order to be effective, certain things need to be considered:

Define purpose– Make sure its clear. Be specific with the message you want to convey. Know your target audience.

Maximise your greatest asset– These are your stories. Make use of it. Enhance it with visuals for better emphasis.

Follow through–It is not enough to just post it in your social media accounts. Follow through with emails, blogs, etc. Remember consistency is key.

Measure and set KPIs– Keep track of your activities. This should be done regularly so adjustments can still be made.

Remember NPFs just need to make sure that their audience can see the organisation’s sincerity and genuineness to get the support of the people.

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