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Bounce back from COVID-19 with a new and straightforward digital marketing plan

If 2020 has thought us something, it is how to survive and rapidly adapt to changes. However, companies don’t want just to survive, they want to thrive, and in the business world, this means to increase brand awareness and therefore, sales!

But the question is, where do you start? How can small businesses be part of the Digital Marketing revolution that 2020 left us, without spending all their resources and going insane in the process?

Well, let’s try to draw a simple route so you can keep up with this changing world!

☝️ Get to know your clients: yes, nothing new, right? Well, this is vital!

Go to your Google and Facebook analytics, check who has visited your page and use this information to create a persona or personas you would target in your next campaigns (age, location, behaviours, gender, etc.)

💬 Find out what your customers are saying about your product.

It is essential to know the social discussion about your products, similar products and competitors, and which channels drive the social media activity for them.

The results will help you choose the best channel for your next campaign and give you a clear picture of the content and keywords you might want to use to better engage with your customers. Some platforms, such as Hootsuite or Salesforce, can help you with your analysis.

💡 Be the solution!

Now that you know your audience, it is time to create content that offers a personalised solution to their needs, or that is at least a contribution to the social discussion.

Increase traffic to your website and customer engagement (impressions, likes, comments, shares) is what you want to achieve, and to do so, your content needs to be relevant and consistent! Don’t forget to use hashtags related to your brand, so you can keep an eye on the social listening!

🔄 Review, adjust and keep going!

Developing a marketing strategy is an evolving activity, what works today might not work tomorrow. So, don’t forget to measure your digital campaigns, adjust it if you need to and try again.

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