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An ad, a blog and a meme all walk into a bar… the short story on Content Marketing

The room is crowded, and your target audience is bombarded with content. How do you ensure your marketing campaign stands above the crowd and get served? You need a good story!

A good story is worth my time, attention, and my information

A striking product photo, a heart-felt user-generated video highlighting social issues, a highly informative podcast series; all tell a story using Content Marketing. Content Marketing is essentially branded storytelling using text, media, audio, and visual content via print and digital media platforms. Your story can grab attention, provide perceived added value to your audience, and encourage content and information sharing, all while promoting your brand and achieving business goals. '

Not just a story

Content must serve a purpose, so it's crucial to consider this:

⚡ What business goals / objectives are you hoping to achieve?

⚡ What content is appropriate / compelling for your target audience?

⚡ What value does it add - informative and/or entertaining?

⚡ How should it be presented - podcast, blog, video, audio, etc?

⚡ Will you engage with influences / partners?

A long-term relationship

You’ve wooed your customer using engaging content and gained their permission to engage, now what? You've just entered the relationship-phase, and like any good relationship expect to be actively participating with your customers long-term:

⚡ Reply to comments / questions

⚡ Encourage content sharing and likes

⚡ Ask questions / request feedback

⚡ Manage campaigns using the right people and processes across digital devices / platforms.

The moral

A successful content marketing campaign is about actively engaging with your audience in a purposeful and reciprocal relationship that lasts. So, create amazing and compelling content to gain permission to engage, but be sure to actively manage the relationship to build and maintain brand loyalty, while consistently monitoring against business objectives to improve.

Everyone loves a good story; compelling or inspiring, informative or educational, success or failure? What is your message? What is your story?

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