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Wondering what big influencer marketing trends are coming in 2021?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021


What is an Influencer?

An Influencer is someone who has:

  1. A previously held, direct audience relationship with followers based on their knowledge and position, whilst having proven influence to affect the decisions of those followers to purchase goods or services.

  2. Significant representation within a sub-cultural cohort of individuals with whom they regularly engage.

The amount of reach and trust that an influencer has with his or her followers can vary greatly. Furthermore, the motivation behind why the influencer would be your advocate also varies.


Why use an Influencer for your Business?

As Gretta van Riel (@greta) of Hey Influencers suggests during a Free Instagram Course;

"influencers already have the attention of their audiences, but they've also unlocked something else, which is vital for brands...
Consumer Trust"

Gretta also mentions that:

92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement. - Based on Nielsen Polling

Not only do influencers have their follower's trust already, but do also the ability to generate leads for your business with previously unknown or undiscovered customers.


Trend 1: There is a new social platform player on the market

It is predicted that 2021 will be the year of TikTok.

This is because Tiktok shows the equal greatest surge in use -

Up 6% Since 2019


Trend 2: Mega Influencers (Celebrities) are in decline whilst Micro-Influencers (people like us) are on the rise!

As people are unable to engage physically with the rest of the world (thanks not Covid!) your influencers should be people with influencer status in your local community.

Think Small, Not Big!

(Thanks to @scottypass)


Trend 3: Real Rules!

Declining in popularity are the perfectly glowing and curated feeds (think @kimkardashian)

What is understood by is that influencers who grow a deep emotional connection with their audiences are increasing in popularity:

“People are starting to see through the perfection found online”

Influencers like @mikkzazon (836.6K Followers) of TikTok are beginning to show the world how to really connect with their people...


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