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What is Influencer marketing?

When did it appear?

Before the spread of the Internet, influencer marketing was similar to celebrities in newspapers, with certain popularity in their respective fields of expertise. Then it evolved into influencer marketing.

What is it?

Influencer marketing is a kind of social media marketing, which uses the influence of influencers as marketing means.

Where is it?

Influencer marketing currently occurs mostly on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok,and Twitter.

How does it form?

After the emergence of social media platforms, some people publish content through social media to attract the attention of others, so as to get attention and fans.

How does it make a profit?

An influencer with a certain fan base can earn income through activities such as completing platform metrics, fan tipping, and partnering with companies.

Student Name: Mianzhi Wu

Student ID: 10551643

(Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University).


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