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Why a Website Audit is Needed

A website is one of various communications channels that the not-for-profit (NFP) sector utilises to promote its ideals and causes. One might ask, “Why do I need a website audit?”

As a nonprofit marketing professional, have you ever thought about checking the strength of your website? You may be too focused on the design and content of your website or on finding the right algorithm for search engine optimization (SEO) that you fail to assess its health. This equally important detail actually helps maximise your marketing strategies to drive your business goals.

For the not-for-profit sector, limited funding and manpower are some of its challenges. A website health check is deemed essential to optimise its resources. Healthcheck.web is one of many sites that offer a free assessment.

By now you might be asking, “How exactly does a website audit benefit my organisation?” Let me go through three points.

First, it helps optimise website performance. It evaluates how users navigate your website. It is going beyond content and taking into account the technical aspect. The design of your website and its navigability must fulfill your visitor’s needs. Website speed is another factor in eliciting visitor engagement. One helpful tool is Cloudflare’s free page speed test.

Second, a website health check addresses SEO. It looks into possible drawbacks of your SEO. The quality of website content must be well-written and informative. More than search engines, the focus should be on users’ interests – whether they are supporters, beneficiaries or simply searching for information. A detailed guide on performing an SEO audit can be found at

Lastly, it measures the effectiveness of lead generation and conversion efforts. Landing pages and conversion forms are assessed. It determines whether call to actions (CTAs) capture the needed visitor information for leads and whether marketing offers keep users engaged.

With uncertainties caused by the current pandemic, the NFP sector must consider a website audit as digitalisation remains to be a convenient platform in reaching its target audience. See the full story of Pixeled Eggs and BIMA on this.

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(Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University)


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