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Unleashing The Power of AI: Customer Personalisation in Digital Marketing

Today, data are becoming the most valuable asset. With the advancement of technology, one can easily access the information of people. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the latest technological advancements. It is becoming the most used tool by everyone. In the context of digital marketing, personalising client experiences has become essential for successful marketing. Customers are so advanced that they can easily get all the information related to any product and services they want. That's why today’s customers expect personalized experiences that match their preferences. So, the task of marketing strategies is becoming so hard to execute.

Recently, businesses have been using AI to analyse massive volumes of data to find out personal preferences, actions, and intentions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can easily segregate customers based on demographics, purchase history, browsing history, and even social media uses. AI uses complex algorithms and machine learning models to study the customers and it prepares reports as required by the business houses. Marketers, Entrepreneurs, and businesses can acquire highly relevant and targeted content across different digital channels.

With AI marketers can easily perform predictive analytics to predict future actions like choice of product and consumption behaviour, allowing them to choose their best marketing efforts more exactly to meet customer’s expectations. This helps customers to make decisions regarding the products. This not only upgrades the customer experience but also helps to keep the goodwill of the business.

Likewise, AI helps marketers to provide individualized recommendations, resulting in identifying customer experiences. AI can recommend products based on previous purchases or web browsing history, which can increase the loyal customer experience.

Lastly,  AI can also help in content optimization. It helps marketers to test and copy different variations of content in real time to identify the most effective customer segment. By constantly refining and optimizing their marketing campaigns based on AI-driven insights, brands can stay ahead of the competition and maximize their returns on investment.

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Balkrishna Lamichhane


(Disclaimer: This content is solely for the educational purposes of Edith Cowan University)


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