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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 to Help Expand Your Business Online

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A lame and contentless website or social media profile is no longer satisfy consumers. Many organizations had already stood up and improved their online presence. Fear to be left behind in the competition? Or don't have any idea to get improved? Don’t worry, here are some top digital marketing trends you don’t wanna miss!

1. Visceral Experiences with AR and VR AR and VR technologies are not something new to consumers as big brands like IKEA already using them in their app to simulate how the product will look in customers’ space. In fact, AR/VR technology will become more accessible in the future. Even a start-up business can also follow this trend because of the latest virtual reality platform Spaces, introduced by Facebook. It offers a more immersive shopping experience and helps customers to make better purchase decisions.

2. Interactive Content More and more companies have added interactive sections to the website to improve visitors' engagement while exploring the website. Simple tools like quizzes, contests and surveys will help your company to provide value to customers. And you will learn more about your customers based on the information collected.

3. Visual Search Sometimes, a picture speaks more than words. Searching tools like Google Lens and Pinterest allow customers to search for similar products with just a photo they uploaded. Adding tags with descriptive keywords and descriptively named your photos may help your products get found by customers easier from the search results.

4. Shoppable Posts Nothing feels better than buy what you see immediately. The shoppable posts from Instagram help customers to make a deal directly in the post without transfer away from your post. It highly reduced the barriers for you to reach new customers and shortened the sales funnel overall.

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