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The importance of storytelling to produce high-value and low-cost marketing content for non-profits

Use stories in the Not-For-Profit Organisations’ Digital Marketing platforms to build better relationships and make people care.

Businesses that use storytelling successfully can send highly effective messages that are relatively affordable to produce. Stories do not need tons of equipment or specialised skills to make it happen. Therefore, storytelling is particularly helpful for non-profits.

Stories can drive emotions and create empathy.

Stories are a mechanism to create emotional connections. One easy way to apply storytelling in the not-for-profit sector is to showcase the people behind the brand on social media channels. Due to people connect more with other people, this is an opportunity to engage with the audience. The important thing here is that stories have to be natural and never forced to gain people´s empathy. Stories that show a real, honest, and authentic perspective of the organisation, are powerful and have a long-term impact. Here some examples of non-profits organisations that implement storytelling in their websites: Community Foundations of Sarasota County and The SEEP Network.

Stories can make people care.

Do you think Not-For-Profit organisations are boring or have nothing to share? Companies are made up of people and people always have something for communicating. It does not matter if the stories are very unrelated to the organisation. To share those stories, that humanise companies through their people, helps organisations to build better relationships with their customers. Stories have a purpose that motivates people to hear to them much more than just to talk, for instance about why and how to donate or become a volunteer. Moreover, stories can stick facts and figures in customers’ minds, easier than other types of content. This makes storytelling a strategic mechanism for non-profits to communicate messages that people will care about and remember.

Tell us what other mechanisms you know to create high-value marketing content with a low budget. Which elements of that content appeal the most to your audience? Please share in the comments below.

Eliana Patricia Avila Cubillos

Student Number: 10505093

(Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University).

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