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And this is the way the Cookie crumbles

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Could you imagine a world without Cookies?!

RELAX, we are not talking Choc-Chip Cookies. 😋

But about those internet Cookies and their crumbling future in digital marketing.

For decades digital marketers have enjoyed a dip in the cookie jar, by tracking website visitors and collecting their data to target ads more specifically.

But in 2020 Google announced it will phase out 3rd party cookies in its Chrome web browser by 2023!

Are we witnessing digital marketing history in the making and soon Cookies will be nothing more than ancient internet crumbs? 😯

But first - let’s refresh our memory what those non-baked cookies are:


A text file with small piece of data that enables websites to identify their regular users. Basically an individual computer identifier.

First-party Cookies

Set by the actual website being visited and very common for e-commerce sites. Websites store those cookies to identify and remember user settings for an enhanced browsing experience.

Third-party Cookies

Those being created and stored by an external site (not the one being visited) and great for behaviour tracking, conversion attributing and retargeting.

Cookies are essential for Digital Marketing like butter and sugar is for… making🍪🍪🍪.

And now many fear the end of 3rd party Cookies will also be the end of Digital Marketing.

Google’s decision might be however an embrace of changes ahead. Following its other web browser competitors’ footsteps such as Apple’s Safari and Mozilla Firefox. And conforming with EU Nation’s GDPR and other international protections laws for consumers and their privacy.

So, what does this mean for all Digital Cookie Monsters going forward?🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️

Don’t end it - just consent it:

It certainly doesn’t mean the end for Consent! On the contrary, consent will be more fundamental than ever. No matter the technology, websites still need to obtain users’ consent for data collection and storage.

First party - parties first:

First party data will be invaluable. So, truly understand visiting customers and their website behaviours, by relying on and utilising analytics more than ever.

Don’t personalise it – persona base it:

Contextual marketing could be the present from the past that keeps on giving. A move away from ads that are shown to users based on behaviour-metrics. And instead, ads being placed (again) on websites in contexts with the product.

Playing in the sandpit:

Google is developing its own tool the Privacy Sandbox. A cookie alternative that ensures user’s privacy whilst still allowing advertisers data measuring and tracking to some degree

Bottomline, it’s diet time!

So, cut the sweet treats and focus on clean eating! Clean data sources will be the key to succeed in a Digital Marketing world without any (3rd party) Cookies.

Your suggestions and tips for Digital Marketing without 3rd party Cookies or comment below!

Vivi McAulay - Student ID 10580473

“Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University and has not been endorsed or otherwise approved by the organization it promotes.”


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