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The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Content Marketing: Key Trends for Online Platforms

Updated: Apr 27

(Akuna, 2021)

An attractive window to the unlimited customers. A new start at online business not sure where to start? The right place is just here 💡, following are some of the latest trends in content marketing that can help businesses effectively engage with their audience 👩‍💼 👨‍💼and grow their online platforms:

  1. Intriguing Content: Interactive content such as quizzes, polls, and interactive videos📹are gaining popularity 🔥 they provide a more engaging experience for users. Businesses can make use of these formats to capture user attention and create higher engagement rates.

  2. Customisation content:being tailored to individual preferences and behaviour is becoming increasingly important. By utilising data analytics and AI technologies, businesses can deliver targeted content that resonates with their audience, leading to higher conversion rates.

  3. Video Content: 📹 video having the quality of connecting and attracting customers or audience on more personal hight. It is one of the dominating content as businesses can make use of video content to narrate their brand story and showcase products.

  4. Enhancement via Voice Search: With the rise of🎤 voice-activated devices, optimising content for voice search is essential. Businesses should focus on creating content that aligns with natural language queries to improve their visibility in voice search results.

  5. Client generated Content: User-generated content, such as customer reviews and testimonials, can be a powerful tool for building trust and credibility. Encouraging customers to share their experiences can help businesses create authentic content that resonates with their audience.

  6. The social accountability and long-term viability: Clients are increasingly conscious of Problems pertaining to society and the environment. Businesses which align and promote their content with values such as sustainability and social responsibility can attract and appeal to a huge growing segment of socially conscious audience.

By keeping up with the above mentioned trends and including them into the content marketing strategy, businesses can effectively engage with the audience, drive traffic to respective online platforms, and ultimately, achieve the intended marketing goals. #Alluringbusinessideas

#TheDigitalMarketingCrew #ECUMKT5325, and others if you deem any suitable, along with the following disclaimer: (Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University). student Name: Sonam Pelden, Student Number: 10613051


Akuna. (2021, July 1). DIGITAL MARKETING – A NEW METHOD FOR DOING BUSINESS. Akuna Technologies Blog. 

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