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Small Business: backbone of our economy

There are 2,065,523 small businesses in Australia employing less than 19 people each. That is 97 per cent of all Australian businesses by employee size. Customer acquisition and retaining customers are important to them. Many small businesses rely on Facebook, BUT results on Facebook aren’t guaranteed. There may be problems with third party platforms who can shut them down - at any time. Only a small percentage of followers see paid ads and there is no ownership of user’s data. Face book is all well and good but costly and not the only digital marketing solution.

How can a small business keep attracting new customers: get their brand well known and be competitive?

The key is SEO. As well; a keen digital marketer who is on top of the SEO factors.

Search Engine Optimization will give more opportunities for small business websites in attract and build brand reputation through using non branded key phrases to place them as an authority in their industry. SEO is an earned result that takes effort but has a longevity to it. To be competitive it is recommended to be positioned in the top 3 Google website position.

Over time SEO can be a cheaper way to attract customers to a business website. Did you know that 70% of clicks go to the top 3 organic positions? This is an excellent sales point for budget constrained small businesses! To pay per click with Google for key words can be costly. Maybe, $10 per click!

Effort is a key factor. The website must be relevant; the key words need to be on the page.

Authority is a key factor. Links between website direction is incredibly important, authority flow is a must.

For a small business who are working hard in their industry; knowing how to use SEO as marketing tool is far too difficult.

Digital marketers, small business may be the back bone for your career?

#SEO#Smallbusinessmarketingneeds#authority#organicrank#guru#, #ECUMKT5325, and others if you deem any suitable, along with the following disclaimer: (Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University).

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