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Riot's Digital Marketing Trends

Riot Games is an American online game developer and publisher founded in 2006. To date, its first game, League of Legends, has more than 27 million players connecting to it every day.

In December 2015, Tencent achieved 100% control of Riot Games.

The success of virtual marketing in many fields worldwide has attracted major game manufacturers to join in. Moreover, game companies have been at the forefront of virtual idol creation with excellent modelling and worldview construction capabilities.

The most famous is the K/DA combination launched by the first company. By seeking voices from real idols and making MVs based on the characters in the game, K/DA has been sought after by the game crowd and star fans. Furthermore, the created avatar singing and dancing combination also enables game characters to break through the limitations of circles and situations, and interact with players more closely and frequently, thereby establishing a deeper emotional connection.

After the IG team won the global finals in 2018, League of Legends naturally withdrew from the K/DA girl group, making young people with high interest set off a wave of consumption. This is a brilliant marketing strategy for Rio

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