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In 2024, it is important to provide purpose-driven content in terms of surviving digitally as consumers seek meaningful connections with brands. Effective content aligns with a clear mission, brand story, cause, motivation, and values, and addresses societal concerns to build trust and loyalty and to survive digitally that resonates with the target audience. Purpose-driven content provides the customer authentic connection between a brand, the cause, and an audience and highlights a genuine commitment to making a difference which encourages the customer to support the brand in the age of digitalization.

Content in this age of digitalization is most influential in attracting the consumer eye to a certain brand and the content needs to highlight purpose, story, cause, and other aspects. In addition, to highlight the purposeful connection in terms of showing the brand's effectiveness in connecting with the market in the digitalized age, the brand is required to add the below-mentioned aspect of survival within the brand areas of digitization. How the brand was created, its problems, and its principles, personnel, founders, or craftspeople required to be added to the content? Choose a cause like environmental protection, education, or social justice that matches brand values and audience interests.

Motivate audiences by showing the purpose and launching cause-related social media challenges or campaigns to engage users. Highlights brand initiatives, projects, funding, and real-time updates. Ensure the message and actions match the goal. Join forces with like-minded NGOs, influencers, and companies. Hold cause-related events, seminars, or webinars to engage and involve the community. Give the audience information and define initiative impact metrics that might involve lives, cash, or environmental benefits. In addition, these aspects require to be added to provide purpose-driven content to survive digitally in 2024 as these aspects highlight brand purpose, and require capturing customer attention.

Student Name Manjot Singh

Student Number 10631393

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