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Proof That You Need Video Marketing! 🎬

Does the Not-For-Profit organisation that you work for include videos on their social media accounts?

Video marketing has become more common in recent years, making it a popular digital marketing trend. You might already know this or be wondering why.

Video marketing is used in various ways to help organisations connect to their viewers. Trust is created with videos and allows the viewer to feel more connected to the stories being told on screen.

Many Not-For-Profit organisations run off donations to help fund the business. However, people like to see how and where the money is being spent within the company before donating their money or time.

Two years ago I chose to go and volunteer at an organisation in Ghana called Village by Village who understood the importance of video marketing.

Below, is a video I filmed called ‘Helping Isaac See Clear’ to thank the sponsors for their donations.

By including this video on this blog and Village by Village’s social media platforms, the time spent on the page has automatically increased 2.6 times. Not only this, the viewers feel more engaged with the organisation, likely leaving them wanting to see more.

Actions do speak louder than words. Think about how you can include video marketing within your organisation.

Let me know in the comments below how video marketing has helped your business grow 👇

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