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Marketing Strategies for Non-Profits sector

Nonprofits operate on thin budgets, and raising money for the cause with minimal resources can be difficult. Fortunately, there are marketing strategies that nonprofit organizations may use to get the most benefits. In this blog, I am going to 2 important tips to develop a marketing strategy, so that your non-profit organization would find new supporters and donors.

  1. Backlinks and influencers

In this digital world where everything is done digitally to promote any sort of event or organization, having a website for your non-profit is the first and foremost thing one should do. To improve the foundation's online performance and authority, the website should have backlinks. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others on all your pages help in doing so. since google gives more credit to the website that has a higher number of backlinks, it is more important to establish backlinks. I personally go through the content the social media influencers share every single day so if you could link some of them like bloggers or foundations it would greatly help you to reach a vast amount of people.

. 2.Video Campaign Optimization

Having some strong video campaigns would make a huge difference and entirely change the perception of a person. As a matter of fact close to 60% of people who watch non-profit videos go on to make a donation. Once I worked as a volunteer in a non-profit organization supporting Childs with useful school supplies and our team made a video on the concept of donation for needy children, our video included useful information and how small donation would make a huge ripple effect on a child's life. To our surprise, our video had thousands of views and it was shared by many people in our small community. After this video campaign, we also saw an increase in the number of donators. so if you are planning to start digital marketing for a non-profit organization, you should make use of the video campaign and the positive results you get from the video campaign will shock you. Don't forget to comment about your experience on the video campaign below.✌

The video below shows some tips on how to create a video for your Non-profit marketing.

Name: Kezang yangden

student no: 10491454

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