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NFP Marketing Secret: How to Win More Supporters?

Donor fatigue, government funding cuts, and volunteer shortages have directly threatened the development of Not For Profit (NFP) organizations.

☝️How did NFPs survive this war?

It is undeniable that NFPs must deal with unique challenges that private companies cannot. On the one hand, your marketing budget is much lower than other for-profit companies. On the other hand, your marketing strategy needs to focus on the emotions of the audience rather than a specific product. Therefore, NFPs may not be able to invest too much in website design, online advertising, and search engine optimization, but they can succeed through content marketing.

☝️How does the content marketing of an NFP work?

💡People love drama,

Create a unique brand image through storytelling.

The characteristic of content marketing is to get the positive attention of a specific group of people. In other words, instead of looking for your audience, let them come to you. But before that, you must win people's trust and love by telling stories.

💡Use grassroots marketing,

Establishing an emotional connection is the key.

Content marketing is based on highly sticky emotional connections. Encouraging people to share real personal experiences will help build emotional resonance between the organization and the supporters. Compared with influence marketing, grassroots marketing is more suitable for NFPs because it has lower costs and more effective communication.

💡Supporters like pictures and short videos,

Visual content allows you to control the emotional experience.

A picture is not only worth a thousand words but also adds emotional depth that many people cannot match; 57% of people donate after watching videos from NFPs; your visual content can turn it into an emotionally motivated Donate.

💡Optimized for mobile devices,

Simplify your donation process.

Although more and more people are using smartphones, NFPs are still lagging in terms of mobile experience. NFP urgently needs to attract and activate new donors and volunteers by optimizing mobile devices. By the way, please don't forget to simplify your donation steps. Otherwise, your audience will abandon it from the beginning.

💡Manage your social media,

Let it make the donation action happen.

Not only can social media be used for link dumping, but it can also stimulate deep interaction and trigger supporters. You can make more use of social media for fundraising and campaign activities. For example, in a brand communication campaign, you should assign simple tasks to enable audiences to achieve a special experience and give timely feedback and rewards. This process will increase customer engagement and conversion rates. In addition, social media such as Facebook can also reach direct donations. For instance, advocates use their birthday events to raise funds to support charity organizations.

Wrap up, NFPs get more supporters and online donations through content marketing. Because high-quality content can bring more effective traffic to digital media platforms. Therefore, NFP will not only become more well-known in content marketing but will also increase customer engagement and loyalty.

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