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Moving Towards Mobile Marketing

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The latest technological advancements which brought about a totally new era in the mobile world influencing the fast growth of mobile marketing in current digital world. According to the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA, 2011), permission marketing aims to change the advertising paradigm from interruption to communication because it enables the brands to move from a broadcast monologue to a dialogue that offers to continue a deep engagement with the loyal customers. Furthermore, mobile marketing is the most appropriate medium to increase customer response rates by designing targeted marketing campaigns. The ultra boost of smartphones users affecting the growth towards mobile marketing.

Mobile marketing boost due to the growth of smartphone users

Smartphones are the most popular type of mobile handset among current mobile users. The latest smartphone users statistics show of all the mobile handsets being used today, more than 75 percent are smartphones. Reports estimate that the number of global smartphone users will continue to increase and hit 4.3 billion by 2023.

Given an expected global population of 8 billion by then, that means that

the smartphone penetration rate in 2023 will be at 53.8 percent. In other words, more than half of people in the world will be equipped with a smartphone.

Mobile marketing benefits affecting current digital marketing trends

  • Affordability : mobile marketing offers a better value with reasonable costs because the postage and printing costs of using traditional marketing channels are eliminated.

  • Distribution : marketers can reach people all over the world because the delivery of marketing messages is almost always guaranteed, unlike the use of other forms of unsolicited direct marketing channels.

  • Immediacy : mobile marketing campaigns are simplified, flexible, and easy to execute because they are delivered to the potential recipients within seconds.

  • Quantifiable and measurable : the outcomes of mobile marketing campaigns are measurable because they can be monitored through customer opt-ins, page visits and downloads.

  • Targeted Audience : the mobile marketing content is personal and tailored on the basis of the preferences of those customers who have opted-in to receive them.

  • Viral potential : the mobile marketing messages can be easily shared by the customers who have already received them with other people. This obviously increases the potential of reaching new customers at no cost.

  • WOW factor : marketers as well as businesses gain the opportunity to establish themselves as leaders in their own sector and guarantee that marketing messages will reach the potential customers with higher impact in this latest hyper medium.

In essence, not only the benefits but ultimately the fast growing technological innovations have increased the accessibility and availability of smartphones globally. As a result, mobile marketing is becoming more popular among modern consumers who are highly dependent upon their mobile devices to perform their daily activities,

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(Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University).

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