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Making Content Bloom For You

We know content is everything! But what type of content is best and how should you use it on your different media channels?

Let’s look at three of the social media giants – Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn and see the theory and best practice approach as to how they can work for you.

1.9 billion daily

1.9 billion per month

774 million










Images - day to day, behind the scenes


videos (Reels)

Images - high resolution curated images


user generated content (UGC)

More formal information such as job opportunities or company news






8-15 times per week

5-7 times per week

8-15 times per week

1200 x 630 or a minimum 600 x 315

1080 x1080 shared as 612 x612

520 x 320

Gen X and Millenials


Boomers and Millenials

Now we’ll look at how to take this theory and apply your content on each of these channels using an example of a small business.

You’re a florist called ‘Wild for Blooms’ that specialises in Australian native flowers. You’re a wholesaler with a retail outlet at your warehouse. You supply to corporates for arrangements, to wedding venues for ‘flowering’ and also offer bouquets at your retail outlet. You’re a husband and wife team, with four staff.

For Facebook, your post would be published in the afternoon and might involve a behind-the-scenes video of an arrangement being created or a finished bouquet. Your content would focus on flower types or interesting facts for your audience to enjoy and engage with. A strong image is a must. So your post might look like this:

For Instagram, your post would appear in the early evening and would have a highly visual, highly styled look for your own content. Use a hashtag to encourage your audience to create their own content using your flowers. Your mobile optimised content would look something like:

Linkedin is known as Facebook’s professional cousin and is very highly rated for consumer trust as a social media platform. So your post here would have more of a ‘professional’ style of content. The post would be live early in the morning and probably advertising a job vacancy of yours such as:

So when you’re looking to create platform specific content to help build your brand and engage with your audience make sure you use these guidelines to make your content really bloom!


#ECUindustryreadyproject, #ECUMKT5325, #contentmarketing #facebookcontent #instagramcontent #linkedincontent #wildforblooms (Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University).


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