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Live Streaming for Non-profits

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a loss for many businesses organisations and non-profits. Due to the cancelled of all the physical functions and events and social distancing requirements, live streaming is becoming an effective way to keep in touch in person.

For non-profit organisations, it is a timely opportunity to get familiar with and take advantages of this digital trend.

What is Live streaming?

It is the process of live video to the audience through an online platform.

Why is Live streaming?

Live streams have seen massive success due to the lockdown periods. Between March and April of 2020, the whole live-stream industry recorded a growth of 45% hours watched, while Facebook recorded significant growth of 72%.

Plus, the supportive of many live-streaming platforms by allowing viewers to donate directly while watching live content.

Thus, Livestream fundraising is a good source for connecting with a massive audience, keeping supporters' interest, and raising donations.

Which types of Live streaming will fit the organisation?

Livestream fundraising can happen at three different levels:

- Organisational level- the host for the live-streaming, is the non-profit' staff. It broadcasts on non-profit' social media accounts and can be part of the regular streaming's schedule.

- Influencer level- the host are partners of the organisation, such as an influencer or notable public figure. It streams on partners' account with the purpose of raise donations from their followers.

- Peer-to-peer level- also known as DIY fundraising. Fundraiser creates fundraising pages for the non-profit organisations' cause behalf and shares it with families, friends, and community members.

The rise of Live Streaming opens a new door for philanthropy to connect with supporters worldwide, raise awareness of charitable causes, and it is worth paying attention to this digital trend.

Student: DO Nhat Linh

Student ID: 10476917

(Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University).


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