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Is Your Audience Engaged?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

The macro digital marketing landscape continues to shift in favour of the consumer. AI and the speed of change gives greater control to consumers who can “watch anything, anytime, anywhere, on any device” (Frost & Strauss, 2016 pg 17). In addition, users can tailor content to suit their requirements. So how do brands compete for customers’ limited attention and what are the current trends in a post pandemic society where “uncertainty is the only certainty” (Avitia, 2022)?

· Shorter video reels, blogs, podcasts and live feeds are the order of the day as consumers flit between apps, digital mediums and devices. (Avitia, 2022)

· Organisations are shifting to user generated content which provides an authentic customer voice to a product. Turning them from a buy-stander to a participant and brand advocate (provided there is consent!) (Mazouri, 2021)

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· The rise of “connected entertainment” (Kemp, 2022) is perhaps best seen through the success of TikTok in the last two years. Customers today are seeking an “immersive customer experience” with “multi-format content” (Lyon, 2022).

· Segmented content is crucial to serving customers in a digitally saturated world, This is supported by Google who’s algorithms align search engine optimisation with a digitally savvy audience (Lyon, 2022)

· Analytics are critical for future predictions and support strategic planning. Measuring a brands’ share of voice is a key metric to understanding an organisation’s market presence and as importantly, its competitors’ (Macready, 2022). With users openly expressing their views through social media, organisations can gain considerable brand insights to determine what is or isn’t working.

Digital marketing has taken the concept of engaging customers to a new level. It is no longer about solely providing value to customers through products and services, but about valuing customers through ongoing interactions and seeking their opinions. Smart organisations leverage customer insights, building trust and brand loyalty through reciprocal engagement.

Tanya Simpson

Student no: 10346075

Disclamer: This content is for the sole purpose of learning @ECU


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