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How will digital marketing trends change in the future?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

The development of 5G technology will change the direction of marketing in the future.

Generally, the development of information and communication technology is closely related to brand marketing. With the formal commercialization and popularization of 5G, there will inevitably be a big explosion of marketing reform, which is embodied in three aspects:

Change of content presentation form

5G has a great impact on digital marketing is the presentation form of content marketing.

1.Video transmission becomes the mainstream

The extensive application of 5G technology will reconstruct communication relations and effectively improve user experience. In the future, the output and transmission of 4K and 8K ultra HD video content will become the mainstream, and video and live broadcast will be everywhere and broadcast by everyone.

2.VR and AR ushered in the highlight moment

5G latency is very low, and there will be no vertigo from previous VR and AR devices. Therefore, with the commercialization of 5G, VR and AR once again ushered in the highlight moment.

The content of VR and AR is characterized by rich perspectives, which can make product advertisements more three-dimensional and vivid, and display them in front of users or audiences in a 365° all-round way, so that they can have the feeling of sound presence in their environment. Before that, advertisements were basically two-dimensional and limited by display space.

3.Innovation of interactive experience

The biggest difference between 5G and previous mobile Internet technologies is that in addition to supporting voice and visual interaction, 5G also adds a new and palpable dimension to the way people information.

For example, when shopping on a certain treasure, users can not only try on virtual clothes and perceive the wearing effect, but also perceive the texture of clothes through the Internet of things.

4. Upgrading of precision marketing

Marketing under the background of previous technology, can only do a couple more promotion and marketing communication, 5G technology can assign, will bring more vast amounts of data, through large data to help upgrade precision marketing, in the process of marketing, according to the feedback real-time adjustment, optimization and correction unceasingly, truly accurate, realize the original biochemical contents of the advertisements.

(Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University).

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