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How Covid-19 has shaped digital consumer behaviour

During the Covid-19 pandemic, consumer behaviour has seen many changes across the globe. Obviously, it has made a profound impact on digital sites where billions of people switch to online to keep social distances and minimize the human contact to stop the spread of the Corona virus. Therefore, most of the businesses seek for creative digital solutions to rapidly adapt with these challenges to serve their customers better and remain to function remotely. In fact, according to a survey conducted by Mckinsey, there is an upward trend towards customers’ engagement through social digital platforms. Furthermore, the findings show proportion of adoption are years ahead especially, Asia-Pacific has developed the most.

(Source from McKinsey & Company)

To facilitate purchasing behaviour and enhance customers’ satisfaction digitally, the brand should take into consideration on investment to combine technology and social media channels to optimize customers’ experience and interaction. For example, there are significant growths in online services such as:

  • Internet banking

  • Online shopping

  • A virtual healthcare appointment

  • Streaming films and TV series on Video on demand (VOD) platforms

  • Online education

Indeed, customer behaviour has been notably influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to a survey conducted by International Atlantic Economic Society, there was a remarkable shift to digital spending as the majority of respondents had shopped online since the pandemic began. Additionally, the findings revealed there was a sharp increase in the consumption of food and non-alcoholic beverages, online contents and online services for educational purposes. In contrast, a decrease of over 40% was seen in spending on non-food categories, including transport tickets, body care, fashion clothing, footwear, leisure activities and accessories.

To thrive in an uncertainty of the pandemic, the brand should adopt a customer-centric culture that utilize experimentation and personalization to constantly adapt to meet changing customers’ needs and desires.

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Hoang Khoa Van, Nguyen – ID: 10512645

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Image source from: Canva & Google Search

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