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How AI is shaping digital marketing

In today's digital landscape, artificial intelligence is changing everything from Google's Rankbrain to personalized Amazon recommendations.Artificial intelligence is taking over the role of humans in identifying marketing trends by analysing data effectively and adapting to input. Also, the digital marketing efforts give us access to a wealth of rich data, and AI would be able to assist us make sense of the data much more quickly and formulate more effective digital strategies. Marketers and brands thus benefit from can benefit from time and money saving through automated digital marketing services.

Programmatic Advertising

AI can analyse data to easily predict the buying behaviours and decision of your target customers. Advertising can be reach in the most appropriate time to the most appropriate target group.

24/7 live support via chat bot

By facilitate seamless live chat to improve user experience by giving them the support they need in time and increase customer engagement rate. Humanize your brand and smoother customer journey. Reduce stress and solving problems

Personalized product recommendations

Data-driven analysis from AI can help you create a better marketing strategy for your business. Predict customers’ behaviour and choice provide what they truly need.

Data driven automation

Many repetitive tasks can be automated using AI algorithms. You can save time and money by doing this.

higher ROI content creation

Making better decisions and creating better content is easier with AI. Digital marketing strategy that based on artificial intelligence helps you get the right audience with deals they can't refuse.

(Disclaimer: This content is solely for teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University).

Reference: Anne. S. (2019, September 26). How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping Digital Marketing: 5 Tools You Can Use NOW. Digital Marketer:

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