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Do You Want to be a #DigitalMarketer or #Designer?

A digital marketer's position is to tell a story that converts well. A designer do something similar what is the difference?

#DigitalMarketing is defined as using social media, online platforms, and search engines to build up brand images. A digital marketer's daily activities may include scheduling content, making content calendars, arranging advertising and ad audiences across platforms, and responding to consumer messages.

#Designer uses their knowledge and aesthetics to create the graphic design or video to help their brand create a unique identity, Typography, symbols, colors, and font types are all used in design to communicate your brand to the customers. For example, a certain color combination can make us recognize a certain brand.

Which one do you want to be your career?

  • Digital Marketing

  • Designer

Name: Sai Lung Cheung 10553030

Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University


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