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Customer Relationships in the Digital World: The role of Online Brand Advocacy (OBA)

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Your Online Brand Advocates are more than just loyal customers – they are the most authentic, trustworthy and relatable source of information about your brand. Their Online Brand Advocacy (OBA) is a strong, influential, purposeful and non-incentivised online representation of your brand and your brand’s best interest. They are your brand voice, will defend your brand in a time of need, and ‘speak on your behalf’ to their virtual networks. They elicit in-depth brand knowledge, positivity and virtual positive expression of emotion in support of your brand.

So, how do you identify and nurture your Online Brand Advocates? Here are some tips I gave at my recent Australian Marketing Institute webinar:

· Listen to and monitor digital channels for brand mentions

· Initiate and participate in online community discussions

· Be present and engage regularly with online narratives (such as UGC) about your brand

· Encourage and use social proof – customer stories through reviews, ratings, testimonials

· Use brand or campaign-specific hashtags to connect UGC about your brand

· Create integrated, experiential and buzz building campaigns – think shareability factor!

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