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9 Tips On How To Start Your Own Podcast (And Why You Should!)

Small businesses are doing it tough at the moment, getting the word out can be challenging due to less visibility and lack of resources. However, read the tips below that can help you scale your small organisation's marketing efforts, one that would turn leads into avid customers.

During your client's busy workdays (unless they've been living under a rock!) they might have already been listening to a spoken-word audio broadcast:

Better known to the world as a Podcast.

If you remember the early 2000's - the new world of the iPod - voilà thus came the inspiration of the name:


Think of it as a radio segment (that's actually fun) at the user's instant convenience. What better way to kill time during a trip to work or work-from-home? Your customers are out there and they have already got the necessary hardware

So what are you waiting for?


Given the current state of the world (rhymes with rovid-19), is the ever convenient podcast.

These initial stages of marketing to your clients via Podcast would be to:

1. Build knowledge of your brand

2. Give your customers a reason to trust your expertise

3. Advocate for your industry


A leading blog advocate claims that there are approximately 600 million Blogs. (source

But reporting by the two giants (Google and Apple) claim to have 1.75 million Podcasts (source

With less competition, you are well placed to get heard!


Step 1 - Define your Audience

What are the key demographics for your product already?

How do you already market to them?

Don't know already!? Then it's time to do a SWOT Analysis!


Step 2 - Determine what is your value in this space?

Love your business already? (of course, you do!)

Then you might already know the answer here or otherwise;


Step 3 - Have a key focus

What's your central message going to be?

Do you know something that the world needs to hear? or

Is there a topic that you feel has plenty of potentials already? Or will it be just re-spoken to remind your listeners?

Perhaps write a list or a mind map, until your focus becomes less than a gazillion ideas.


Step 4 - Choose a great name! suggests the following rules for choosing names;

1. Creative Names (ie. Terrible Thanks for Asking)

2. Descriptive Names (ie. Business Daily)

3. Using your own name (ie. The Ricky Gervais Show)

However, it is recommended to:

Choose a name that is broader than your topic.


Step 5 - Determine how long each segment will be

Here’s a great image from Pop Up Podcasting that shows “easy, good, or long – pick two”:

There are 5 minutes podcasts and there are 6-hour podcasts. Find whatever works for you and run with it!


Step 6 - Think about your structure

Just like a band pre-determines their setlist, you would also want to have an idea about the format of your show.

Get creative with this part. recommends one basic example:

  • Intro Music

  • Welcome

  • Interview

  • Call To Action (Visit Our Website or Like and Subscribe)

  • Outro Music


Step 7 - Create your Cover Art

Are you already artistic? - sure - then you've got this.

Your cover art is the first impression most people will see as they browse through their favourite podcast app.

Not artistic? Never fear!


Step 8 - Get a Microphone

The skies the limit, but it doesn't have to be!

This podcast starter kit post might give you ideas

Especially if you plan on having a co-host or two.


Step 9 - Just Start!

Believe you can and you're halfway there.” — Theodore Roosevelt.

It is never too late to start advertising in an exciting new way, you've got this!

This work is based on the expertise of the following:

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