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Are Your Marketing Analytics Failing You?

When discussing digital analytics, it is important to distinguish the difference between web analytics and the more robust digital marketing analytics.

You may ask yourself “aren't they the same thing?”, let me explain.

The short answer - Web analytics focuses on providing a rich source of information about your website performance such as traffic, bounce rates and unique visitors. Digital marketing analytics on the other hand not only includes website data but is ‘people-centric’ and focuses upon user behaviour and measurable business metrics both in and around your site.

Why is this Important? - Put simply, digital marketing analytics expands upon website data by determining how your individual channels and campaigns, (blogs, social media, email marketing) are performing and most importantly, the effect of their collective performance. Aggregating this information allows you to understand which marketing activities and trends are beneficial during the lead's journey in the sale cycle. Having this information is useful in attributing particular marketing activities to sales revenue.

“As marketers, we really need much richer and actionable data to understand the performance of our marketing campaigns.”

Levenson, Marketing Analytics Vs Web Analytics

The example - To elaborate further, if you are running a Twitter campaign, you would want to know if it was the driving source of traffic to your site or if in fact it was an email offer campaign you were running. Next you would want to know which of those leads interacted with your site and if they were responsible for converting into customers, or perhaps where further lead nurturing is required. Digital marketing analytics can tell you all this and more.

There is a whole lot more to the subject so if you are interested in this topic, please check out this article for more information

Final thought - If you are still only relying on web analytics to provide insight into your campaigns it is now time to optimise your performance. The ability to tie marketing activities to sales is the most useful function of digital marketing analytics but it is only valuable if you use it. It’s time to turn your organisations objectives into measurable outcomes.

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