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Not enough budget to promote your products? Use Content Marketing

Many companies want to expand their market but are troubled with their insufficient budget for doing so. 😭😭😭

This may be a dilemma without solution in the past, but not any more now. Content marketing is the key available to all who are willing to learn.🐱‍🏍🐱‍🏍

With content marketing, content is marketing and marketing is content. You do not focus on your company or your product, but on your target customers, their concerns, their problems or their interests. Here are some tips for company to make the best use of the power of content marketing.

Share your content like a reliable friend

For example, if you are a manufacturer of sports camera. One of your target customer group are people who loves water activities. In content market, you do not tell your target customers the benefits of your products. That would only drive your customers away.

Instead, you tell them a story about how someone travel to a beautiful water park and enjoyed a good day and took great pictures and videos for his friends and family. You share some tips on how to prepare for such a trip, what snacks to bring, and even the best route to tour the water park in an efficient way.

But you “happen” to show your product in this content “unintentionally”. Alternatively, some target customers may ask how you took such great pictures and videos while doing water sports. Here you would be very kind to share them with your products and your skills, just like a reliable frined.

Celebrate the things and life your customers love

Today, some important battle fields for content marketing include social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtuber and TikTok. Yet, the shift from traditional marketing to content marketing is not just a change in the platforms.

It requires changes in the mentality of companies and their marketing teams. It requires companies to have better understandings about everything about their target customers. Do not celebrate yourself and your products. Celebrate your customers and the things and life they love.

Follow trendy topics

Follow trendy topics is a very useful skill to get your content to more target customers. In the era of digital marketing, there are complicated algorithms determining how much exposure your content can earn. But one technique that is applicable across most digital platforms is to follow trendy topics. This means there will be no time for prolonged checks and evaluation for your content. So you’d better have someone who really cares about your customers at the position to pull the trigger.

Follow the above tips, you can same millions of budget and achieve more than any traditional marketing campaigns.✨✨

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