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Influencer marketing strategy, what's coming in 2021?

Influencer marketing is definitely staying and growing in 2021,

More and more companies are investing in influencer marketing for their advertising campaigns, so they can better engage with their consumers on social media and increase sales!

According to Codi Agency , 80% of marketers using this strategy, say that it positively impacts their business goals.

In the past years, Instagram has definitely become the main channel to showcase products and for influencers to create their own brand, followed by Youtube, TikTok (trendy) and Facebook. 72% of Instagram users mentioned that they have purchased products after seeing them display on this platform - Codi Agency. However, the channel you use in your marketing strategy depends on where your clients are! ➡ Best Social Media Channels for Influencer Marketing

But what's new in 2021?

Nanoinfluercers are the new black!

Yes, we all love celebrities, and we would love to be able to afford a few of the stuff they show us on social media; however, this is not always realistic for most of us, and we end up just dreaming of it without taking any action.

And that's when nano-influencers take over, people like us that have built their network by establishing a personal connection with their audience. Now, when we want to buy something, we thrust these micro-influencers, as we relate to them. We want to know their opinion because we see them as typical personas that are sharing their real experience using that product that we want. Read more about nano-influencers

Do what is best for your brand!

Michael Krieger, Nov 17, 2019 Every Strategy is Unique. Every Client is Different.

Your online marketing strategy depends on how you want to communicate your company's value proposition, which tone you want to use with your target audience and the social media platforms that audience hangs out on.

So choosing the right channel, influencer, and message is more about contributing and being relevant to your consumers, so they pay attention to your campaigns and engage with your brand.

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