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Content Marketing Techniques for Not for Profit Organisations

Your organisation probably won't work for profits, however it can benefit from the traffic, funds, and recognition which marketing gets in.

Not for profit organisations are in an incredible situation to use content to persuade individuals to help various causes. They might have stories that people really care about and would love to support. Below mentioned are some of the ideas to increase awareness about various causes which can help increase charitable giving.

1) Attract attention and engage with your followers on social media

According to social bakers, Facebook had 2 billion daily users worldwide and according to Social media news, some of the most active social media users are from Australia.

This is the reason organisation should have an active social media presence with a proper strategy placed in.

Your content and video need proper distribution to attract maximum result. With the correct system set up, social media presents an extraordinary chance to reach and engage with your intended target group.

2) Engaging with target audience through email

Email marketing is an inexpensive form of marketing and is the most effective and direct way of connecting with your audience. There are many reasons why email marketing plays an essential part in any promotion. For one, it’s easy to raise funds and connect with your targeted audience at low cost. Also, you can send personal messages to your audience, making them feel appreciated and special.

3) Convey emotion through video content

According to diode digital, online video is 600% more effective marketing tool than direct mail and print combined. Video can capture audience interest for a longer duration and with a call to action button towards the end of the video, audience can be diverted to your website or donation page.

4) Sharing stories through blog

Blogging is another cost-effective way to spread awareness by sharing stories. Right kind of strategy and effective blog post can motivate audience to help or donate towards a cause. Linking creative contents through different pages like upcoming events, stories about cause, profile of donors and volunteers are some of the ways blog can be used.

Content marketing is one of the powerful tools which can help promote your organisation. With powerful stories and messages, it can surely inspire people to act and support your organisation and its cause.

(Disclaimer: This content is for the sole purpose of teaching and learning at Edith Cowan University).

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